FireGate Church Ministries

PO Box 6088, Apache Junction, Arizona  85178
Office:  503 201-9080   -   360 721-2800
Gliebes In The Fiji IslandSowing the "Good News" of Jesus into the Nations!
Tom Gliebe

Tom Gliebe
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Dove flew in to Revival Meeting and landed on Deborah!
Deborah Gliebe

Our Mission Statement

Welcome to FireGate Church Ministries, an evangelistic arm of the Church, called to introduce Jesus to the lost and dying; To champion the freedom and deliverance provided through the Cross; To nurture the life, liberty and power provided in the Blood of Jesus Christ; 

FireGate Church Ministry’s mission is to reach the lost, break the power of sin, set the captives free and ignite the Believer's Faith in their Savior, Jesus Christ!  To undergird other ministries, orphans, churches and pastors spiritual, relational and with financial support, gathered by various means, including donations, contributions and offerings;  To encourage, mentor and fund the works of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

FireGate Church Ministries has twenty five years of worldwide ministry and has been forged in His Fire & Glory, prepared for "such a time as this".  The ministry includes Bible based teaching, apostolic preaching and healing evangelism all seamlessly woven together with the prophetic. It is God's love, expressed through Jesus Christ, the acceptable sacrifice, that we, at FireGate, are at liberty, through His atoning blood, to move, by the Spirit, as vessels prepared for His service, to do His will and good pleasure.  To encouraging the fivefold ministry, to reveal individual's gifting and to establish the substance of the Living Word through its demonstration!  All Glory be to God forever and ever, amen!