Great Move Of Restoration Is Upon The Horizon

By Deborah Gliebe

Deborah’s email:

Peculiar Anointings
God is opening up His storehouses - several - meaning new anointings, the day of multiple visitations is at hand in many nations. There will be different manifestations of the anointing, peculiar anointings, some of which have not been seen in our lifetime. Be ready for the unexpected!

Slaying Power & Visitations
Where martyr's blood has been shed - great visitations are coming. Slaying power of the Spirit is coming in FULL! A RAY where entire church bodies will be under the power of God having visitations, angelic visitations as Jesus enters their presence; Children will be healed and restored.

Youth Arising - Summer & Fall Visitations 2001
A move of the youth is coming into the land. Keep your eyes on the youth of America, England, as well as other foreign lands. Some will be preaching services and telling of their encounters in the Throne Room. Children and teens will be healing the sick, casting out demons and bringing words of correction to the body. Simple truths out of the mouth of babes! All night praise meetings will also happen, especially in the youth. Be ready this summer 2001, as these things shall begin to break loose.

Intercessors, Rise Up!
God is having us touch the top of the scepter - prayers, petitions, breakthrough, new anointing, fresh visitation upon intercessors for total breakthrough. I saw a vision of intercessors in pursuit such as on horseback, pursing spiritual enemies and God giving them the breakthrough to overtake and destroy darkness and bring in the victory.

Pastors - Leaders - Gatekeepers
I saw pulpits standing empty symbolizing some are void of anointing. I then saw three pulpits - symbolizing Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Trinity; The Godhead and Kingly anointing being put in place! I saw the Son, Jesus, behind one pulpit symbolizing son-ship, the link between man and God, coming into the place of new depths in Jesus, and the person of Christ, with great Revelation. I saw the Holy Spirit behind one symbolizing His Holy Power being embraced by a lost and dying earth - the earth being full of His Glory.

Great Demonstration
Healing miracles signs and wonders upon the horizon. Some entire churches to be filled with Hot Oil - the passion of Christ. They told me too much zeal (lies), after witnessing their first healing miracle, they told me, "We didn't need that any more!" God is coming with a sword and fire to demonstrate who He is.

I saw an angel of the Lord sorting out and throwing out doctrines, deceptions, false teachings, religious control, tongue waging, etc. This angel was sorting two piles, SIFTING out the unclean. The Holy Spirit was searching motives - a large junk pile was to the right and a very small pile of gold remained to the left.

The children shall be filled and the fathers shall take their place as Priest and heads. Fathers that had never known the Holy Spirit's power will openly embrace Jesus and His Holy Power.

Many, thousands upon thousands of deliverance's all over the earth as multitudes come to the Threshing Floors, getting saved and receiving major deliverance from Satan's strongholds.

Prophesy on the Rise
The Spirit of Prophesy is coming into fullness as a rose fully bloomed, the fragrant Rose of Sharon, and as fresh dew coming upon the mountain. 'Open your mouth,' says God, 'and I will fill it.'
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