Date.....30th April, 2002 

To…..  FireGate Ministries & Doves International
Tom & Deborah Gliebe & Team


From….Alan & Valda Peterson,
Alpha & Omega Resource Ministries Inc.

             3 Whitworth  Avenue, GIRRAWHEEN  6064  (Girrawheen: a Suburb 20 Minutes north of  Perth, W.A.)

             Western Australia.


30th April, 2002     The year of the LORD      "…Perth  to  Birth…"



I give my permission to FireGate Ministries & Doves International to use this Testimony in any way that they desire to do so.


Dear Deborah, Tom and Team,


Greetings from Western Australia.  Well what can one say, mere words do not do justice to the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit with God's Glory for Revival, that has taken place in Perth over these last few days, both in the city of Perth and at the Camp.


1.         I would like to commence this Testimony by giving all the Praise and Glory to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, (Yah'shua Ha Mashiach).


2.         I am a great grand mother, just on 69 years of age, I have the most wonderful husband in all the world, and his name is Alan who is 71 years of age, and we have our 50th Wedding Anniversary coming up on the 6th June 2003, and every year has been the best year of our lives.  Our dear Lord blessed us with 3 sturdy and healthy boys who are married with precious wives, and now we have 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild and another one expected in August.  (At this point none of them know the Lord as their Saviour, but we continue to believe it won't be long, we just keep on praying for them.)


3.         On the 23rd August, 1980 the Holy Spirit wooed both Alan and I into the Kingdom at the very  same time as we were in Worship, we wept and wept and they stopped the Church Service and came and led us to the Lord.  It was the only time we had been in Church for many many years, we were just Christmas and Easter Christians; no one had ever told us about being "Born Again". 


Why I am mentioning this in my Testimony is to explain that at this time of our life we were retired from the Main stream of work and were traveling Australia caravanning and showing educational films in the schools.   We were financially secure and very happy. But the Lord wanted us and when He called, we came immediately, no questions asked.   This set a foundation for what has happened during our 22 years of "Born Again Christian Life".  So many times the Lord has called us into situations and we have listened and obeyed.


4.         Now to the present day Testimony.    When I received a phone call from a dear Sister in the Lord, Tina, and she told me, how earlier in the week a Dove flew around her back yard as she was in her morning Praise and Worship with the Lord, she knew the Lord was speaking to her.  2 hours later she received an Invitation to attend a Meeting where Ladies from Doves International would be Ministering.


            She felt very strongly that she was to go, and she was so blessed and the next day the Lord asked her to ring my husband and I and invite us to go to the morning service at the Church where FireGate Ministries & Doves International were Ministering.  My Spirit jumped and we were obedient to the call as we felt it was a Divine Appointment.


            While Deborah was sharing her Testimony with the Congregation she mentioned that they had been in Australia 5 years ago and there was a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and Revival broke out in that town, and she named the town.     Again my spirit jumped and I said to my husband, "that is the town where the Pastor (from our Church) has just been sent to by God, (he only left the week before)!   When we told Deborah she knew it was a Divine Appointment for us to be at the Church Service.      This is what the Lord used for us to really get to know the Team, our Lord works in strange ways, His ways are not our ways.


5.         During the morning service a "Love Offering" was taken up for Deborah and as we wanted to give but did not have any money with us, Alan and I prayed and the Lord gave us both the same amount, so we wrote out an I.O.U. for the amount  and put it into the "Offering Bag".  That night we took the "Offering" and gave it personally to Deborah.


6.         Miracle No. 1.  I had been diagnosed by a Specialist Cancer Surgeon that I had Goitre Nodules which were growing in my Thyroid, and the Specialist wanted to remove them by cutting out half my Thyroid (I am booked into the Hospital early in June).         I told him I was a Christian and that the Lord had lengthened my right leg which had been short from Birth and I preferred the Lord heal my thyroid than have Surgery, I looked up on his wall and there was a picture of the 10 Commandments.    He then said I will give the Lord 3 months and if not then I will operate.


            When I went out for prayer on the Sunday night, my Lord performed a Miracle on my neck area and I felt the disease leave my neck out my mouth and it nearly knocked someone over it came out with such force.      I know I am totally healed of it and I know that when I go and have the Ultrasound to take back to the Specialist on the 26th May, I will have the proof for the Surgeon.  My Lord gets all the Praise and the Glory.  Praise His Holy Name.


7.         Miracle No. 2.   We went to the 4 day camp with FireGate Ministries and I was healed from Diabetes, Sleep Aphonia, the Spirit of Death and much, much more.


8.         Major visual Miracle.   I had been suffering with the pain in the base of my spine, all around my right hip, down my right leg and under my buttock most of my life, and this had been getting gradually worse over the last 7 years.   I had every test I could have from the Drs. X-rays, Ultra-sounds, Bone scans, Needles for pain, and I could go on and on about the medication they had given me which only gave me extremely bad side effects.   (I will add that I had much prayer for this during the years, but we could never get to the bottom of it).


Finally 6 weeks ago I said to my Dr. and to the Lord I have had enough of this and the Dr. suggested Physiotherapy.  It took me 3 weeks to get an appointment with the Physiotherapist  and she discovered it was because of all the operations I had had on my stomach and the birth of 3 children that the mussels in my stomach had given away and the previous shortness of the right leg had put major strain on the left leg and had pulled all my balance out of place, then she said the (Key Word) that I had a "Pelvic Tilt".


            The Physio gave me an exercise to do of lying on my side, bending my knees up, holding my hip and I was to lift my knee as far as I could ten times each day to strengthen the mussels and to go back and see her in 10 days.  The biggest distance I could lift either knee was 6 inches.


            THEN THE MIRACLE ---- At the camp there was a Word of Knowledge that a Lady there had a pain in the base of the spine and left leg and a Pelvic Tilt.


            I jumped out of my seat and yelled, “that is me"  my Husband cried and  cried and Jesus performed a Miracle right their before the eyes of the people at the camp.  Deborah felt the Pelvic Tilt move and my body moved and twisted and Jesus set me FREE.   Praise His Holy Name.


            Deborah asked me what could I do that I could not do before and I walked down the isle of the room perfectly and ran back, I stood on one leg and raised the other without falling over, and, wait for it, I lay down on the floor and did the exercise and the knees which would only move 10 centimeters, now moved 45 centimeters.    My hip was unlocked and the Pelvic Tilt was no more.   Praise His Holy Name.


            I had my appointment with the Physiotherapist yesterday and when she saw me come into the room with my husband she said "what has happened to you."?    I told her how my Lord Jesus Christ had healed me and I proceeded to demonstrate to her what I could not do before.  I got down on the floor to show her and she said "Oh you should be up on the table".    She said "I can see you are totally healed and will not need to come and see me again.   My husband then told her about how Jesus had dissolved the wires from his chest which were put in 7 years ago when he had a quadruple bi-pass.    I then proceeded to show her a diagram from a book I have by Dr. Neil Anderson about the Spirit, Soul and Body before the "Fall" and after the "Fall", and she was very open when I spoke about her being "Born again."  I then said that the Lord would like to Bless her for the part she played my healing by NAMING the problem and giving me the Key Word "Pelvic Tilt".    She said that she didn't have anything she wanted but could we pray for her 23 year old daughter Kelly who always has Migraine headaches.    We said we would and that I would stand in the gap for her daughter at last nights meeting.      This I did, and I have the faith to believe "Mission Accomplished".    Praise the Lord and He gets all the Praise and all the Glory.


            I will shout these testimonies to the world as often as the Lord asks me to.


            Thanks goes also to the obedience of the FireGate Ministries and Doves International Team for the Fire of the Lord they have brought to Perth for "Perth to Birth" and we all believe this has happened and Australia is going to come into "Revival"


            May the Lord abundantly bless and heal everyone who reads this Testimony, every word is true and the devil is defeated.   




            Valda Peterson,

            Perth, Australia