The Fisherman

Word through Tom Gliebe,
FireGate Ministries


From the beginning, the call that God has placed in the hollow of our souls, "Abba Father," has stirred the latent yearning to be adopted and receive the full inheritance of the Spirit.

When we enter the boat of salvation, we will be tossed and pitched by many outside circumstances, or worst, one of our own making and reel violently in the waters of trouble. We will either stand to our feet or sink; We will descend into the hopelessness and drop downward into the darkness of despair or we will rise in Faith and walk upon the water, our eyes firmly fastened on those of Jesus.

Where are you? Are you reeling? Do you see the waters of confusion and despair rising around you? Or, perhaps, it's already above your head and you feel like you've become as a fish yet drowning in the waters of life. Constantly suffering the perils of the deep and predators that bring fear. Where ever you are, there is hope! Jesus saves!

For two thousand years we have been encouraged to leap, by Faith, into the net of Freedom and be pulled into the boat of the Fisherman to rest in His presence.

Few have made this leap of faith successfully. Others have made the leap but fallen short. Most have only surfaced to shake there their heads in hopelessness while entangled in the seaweed of religion. The rest never rise to the surface but remained beneath the dark waters of fear. But now, God is ending a season of striving with Man.


"Now," says the Fisherman, "ready or not, here I come. No longer will I only reveal my net of Salvation but I will bait the hook of truth with the Bread of Life and cast it with the rod of correction upon the waters of deNile. When you strike, I will set the hook and begin to reel you in, to my presents. Though you have the bait, many of you will struggle and even fight against the presents of my Holiness. You will pull, turn and twist resisting my plumb line but my heart is that of the Fisherman. By my Word I will not allow slack in the line! I will keep the tension of reverential fear tugging at your jaw, piercing the flesh and the waters will run red with the blood of deNial but I will not let you go. It is my portion; It is my desire that none of you be lost for I have paid, in advance, the price in my Blood! I will no longer strive with you or allow your flesh to resist while I plead with you to come unto me. It is my desire than none will parish beneath the waters of darkness and despair or be vulnerable to the fear in this world, rather, I call unto the deep to let my people go!

I will receive, in full, that portion due me. I have "cast my Bread of Life upon the waters of humanity" long ago and it will come back to me multiplied in these last days, sweet with honey.

Flood1.jpg (4145 bytes)Even though your flesh resist Me and you struggle against in a sense of unworthiness and fear from dark waters, I will not let you go! Only if you arrive dead at my feet will I kick you back into utter darkness.

I am your husbandman! I am the keeper of your souls. I am He who has come for mine. I am He who is jealous for YOU! No longer will the enemy hold you in his grasp for I have come to set the captives free. I have come for my Bride without spot or wrinkle!

Hold tight for everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. I am now coming to speak again the words "Let my people GO!"

Though you resist because of fear like little children, turn off your concerns. The cry "He is mine and I am His" and "His banner over me is Love," is now reaching fruition in Freedom.

I am going to battle. The world will shake. Though the enemy has effectively sabotage your heart and has peeled back your flesh to the painful heat of unfaithfulness, I will renew you and the dry bones will again have life. I will reel you in, remove the hook and place you into the net of the Word. I will cut off your head of flesh with its vain imaginations and false reasoning. I will skin you of all sin, fears and unworthiness. I will cut you up into pieces of bait we will go fishing together for even bigger fish and the net of Salvation will become full. And, our joy will be complete for you are, even now, entering the days of the Great Harvest." Says the Lord.

Tom Gliebe