Harvest City’s Retreat
Camp Louge Brook,

Report Period:  April 24–27, 2002


FireGate Ministries in Australia

Team Members:    Deborah Gliebe
                                Penny Zelinsky
Terry Burcham

                                Rebecca Burcham

                                John Schenck


Thursday – April 25

Terry and John shared on the holiness of the Lord and gave a call for repentance.  The front filled with repentant hearths, many weeping under the power of the Spirit as they received forgiveness from guilt and shame.


Angel received freedom from guilt and early childhood trauma, self-hatred, and unforgiveness toward herself.  She cried tears of grief as God began to touch her heart with His divine love and forgiveness.


Mathew, a Malaysian man received a word from the Lord of financial release for he and his family.  They had left their home in Singapore to go to bible school here in Perth and be with their daughter who was in college.  The Lord began to pour the healing love of the Father into his heart, and he began to weep.  He had no remembrance of the love of his father and received a deep healing within.


Mick went out under the power of the Spirit as God healed a broken heart from rejection of his family and a broken relationship.  He sovereignly moved on him as he soaked in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Thursday night Deborah, through a word of knowledge called out the healing of a woman with a tipped pelvic bone.  Valda leapt forward, jumping for joy, knowing this was her day of healing! She had suffered with this infirmity since her youth.  Several months earlier she had gone to the doctor and he said she would need surgery for this problem as she was in constant pain and could not walk for long before becoming exhausted.  She had prayed for a healing miracle from the Lord, before she would schedule the surgery.  As she jumped forward, Deborah laid her hands on her front and back and felt the bone shift inside her!  She went down in the spirit and was also delivered of a spirit of death that had been over her.  When she came up, she testified of TOTAL HEALING!  She moved her leg in back and forth in total freedom of movement she did not had a few moments before.  She then RAN up and down the isle praising God for her miracle!


Her husband Alan also came forward for prayer and God began to heal and restore.  He had us pray over metal staples that were still in his chest after open-heart surgery several years before.  One of the staples stuck out, rubbing his skin creating irritation.  As hands were laid on him he felt them dissolve and praised God for His creative miracle!  He also received healing as Terry prayed over him and removed a Spirit of restriction and death.  He testified later that he had suffered from restricted breathing and shortness of breath and it was totally gone!  He also testified he had received his joy in the Lord back after he renounced a vow to never dance before the Lord.


Deborah gave an alter call and conviction fell on about 10 young men and boys.  They came forward and the Holy Spirit landed on them as they repented and asked Jesus into their hearts.  They were slain in the Spirit and by the end of the retreat, most were jumping and dancing and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Many others came forward in repentance of sin issues and were overcome with the Spirit of God as His presence brooded over the room in healing and forgiveness.


Friday AM – April 26th

Rebecca and Penny shared from life experiences and the word of God. Rebecca exhorted the people to throw down their idols and to encounter the holiness of God.  Penny shared from the areas of brokenness in her life that God had healed and the move of God in her city.  The people were encouraged and hungry hearts came forward to receive ministry.  Wendy was undone in the glory of God, to the point that she had to be carried out of the meeting; the spirit of God was on her so heavily.  Many received a new, fresh touch from the Lord as prophetic words were shared and anointing was imparted.


Friday PM

The children did skits from their different cultures.  Several danced in worship loosing the anointing. Deborah preached on David dancing before the Lord as they brought the arc of the Lord into Jerusalem. She taught on the fear of the Lord as Uzziah reached out to steady the arc and was instantly killed.  He was not called or prepared to touch the Holiness of God.  Also Micah, David’s wife despised David’s worship of God and was struck barren. She lost her place as the Mother of Israel because she did not fear the Lord.  She challenged us to renew our commitment and lives to His control.  Then the Spirit of prophecy broke out and Deborah spoke over many people in the room.  The power of God was present, and many were slain and laid under the presence of God for over an hour as He ministered to hearts.


Saturday – April 27

The Spirit of the Lord broke out in prophetic words as the worship team ushered in His presence.  The word of the Lord went forth calling His people to embrace their destinies in Him, extending their love and faith into new areas.  The fire of God fell on the people and the anointing began to shake up and permeate hearts.  Many were slain in the Spirit even falling off their chairs as the FireGate Team laid hands on everyone in the room imparting the anointing.  Major deliverances occurred as spirits were loosed of rejections and deep fatherhood abandonment issues.  Many tears were cried as the loving hand of God removed anger and bitterness from His people’s hearts.


Rangi, a young man from New Zealand received deliverance from generational curses for the Maori Tribe, his ancestral heritage.  A lot of rebellion and rejection came off as Deborah prayed over him and the brightness on his face later beamed forth a renewed and restored spirit in the joy of the Lord. 


Valda also testified of a thyroid condition on her neck completely healed, and believed God was also healing her of diabetes. 


Mary, one of the Harvest City church administrators, called the FireGate Team forward and prophesied they would be sent to many nations, including New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Switzerland, Italy and Kuwait. Many of these were confirmations from many other prophetic proclamations.


Hope of  Glory Church - Sunday AM – April 28

Rebecca & Terry ministered to this multi-cultural Indonesian/Chinese church.  The people warmly received them and their giftings.  Terry brought forth words of knowledge, and Becky wet their appetite for revival by sharing many revival stories.  There were several salvations; an alcoholic was set free of his addiction.  They prophesied over the people and spoke into the leadership of the church.  A young boy was completely transformed as Becky prayed and ministered to a spirit of anger and rejection.  He was completely transformed and began beaming from ear to ear!


Harvest City Church - Sunday AM – April 28

The power descending before the preaching of the word, and healing signs and wonders.  Penny shared on yielding to the anointing and shared some of her revival experiences.  Deborah called out words of knowledge for lumps and breast cancer and several women came forward.  Then, as a strong healing anointing flowed into the sanctuary person after person came forward for ministry until the front was full.  The fire of God fell, and many were slain in the Spirit and drank of the healing waters of the Lord.  Prophetic words and impartation were ministered by the FireGate Team and church leadership.


Sunday PM – April 28

John ministered on guarding your gates, keeping your healing and anointing.  He exhorted the people to guard their mouth, ear and eye gates.  To speak the truth to one another in love and to be diligent to share and receive ministry for issues that arise in our lives from day to day.  This will keep our hearts tender and receptive as we receive ministry from each other.  Also to esteem one another higher than ourselves.  Words of knowledge went forth for fears and bondage issues.


Harvest City Church Meetings - Monday PM – April 29th

Monday night about 200 were in attendance Deborah preached on religious girdles that restrict the power and move of the Spirit in Christian’s lives.  She challenged the people to come out of their complacency and to get on their face for their city of Perth.  The Lord showed her the Spirit of death that was over the city, and many suicides and illness were taking many lives.  She challenged the people to pray for a move of repentance and that the lost may come into the kingdom in citywide revival harvest. The alter was full as 30 to 40 came forward to recommit their lives to the Lord.  A catholic man gave his heart to the Lord and several others were first time commitments.  Many more came forward for ministry and healing, and many received miracle healings and deliverances. 


 A young man suffering who was dying of Hepatitis C was totally healed and gave his testimony and God the praise as tears streamed down his face.  His ex-wife, who was involved in the occult, had put a curse on him, but God set him free! His father, mother and two sons stood in the front of the audience with him, openly sobbing because of the mercy of God healing their son and father.


Cynthia went out in the spirit for over three hours as God did inner heart surgery.  Some had to be helped out to their cars they were still so drunk in the spirit.


-   E N D    O F    R E P O R T   -


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