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"I've Been Healed!"

God has been busy over the many years of this ministry.  Always encouraging us to move further into his realm that we might take hold of who is, glimpsing a thread of His Glory and falling to our knees in awesome reverence of this God of All Glory.  That Christ might increase while we decrease so that He can, through us, walk upon the waters of faith, speaking words of truth to those still huddling in the boat of captivity.  That we will rise up, in Him, to cast out elements of darkness that has invaded our minds, to deliver souls from demonic captivity and bring them into the light of the knowledge of who He is........our deliverer, our all-in-all, our God and King!

FireGate Ministries is please to provide you with testimonies of those touched in our meetings.  These testimonies are for the edification, encouragement and proof that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever!  Those testimonies below are only a small tip of the iceberg of those who have been touched and forever changed by the God of Creation.

As we are just now gearing this web site up, there are only a few below, but there will be many added shortly but it will be difficult keeping up as God is on the move!  Enjoy!


       (1)  Australia ...... received   5/01/02
"I'm totally healed of  a Pelvic Tilt"

       (2)  Perth, Australia ...... Compiled   5/02/02
First 6 Days - Incredible Healings and Deliverances

       (2)  Doves WOW Conference 2002 ...... Compiled   3/02
First 6 Days - Incredible Healings and Deliverances

       (4)  From Every Where .....    (Many More Coming SOON!)

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